Beth Cunningham


Suckered by Sweets

24” X 17.5” X 2.75”, silk organza transfer, embroidery, beads, sequins, buttons

All-Day Lolli                                                                                 Candy Corn                                                                                   Jellybeans

Jellybeans #2                                                                                   Conversation Hearts                                                                   Lollipops

All works are  24” x 17.5” x 2.75” are framed with plexiglas.   $2500 each

Texas WILDlife

House Fly                                                            Mosquito                                                                   Horse Fly                                                        Face Fly

Tiger Mosquito                                                 Scarab Beetle                                                              Peacock                                                          Jack Rabbit

Bean Beetle                                                         Butterfly                                                                 Honey Bee                                                          Dragonfly

Unspoken Thoughts

Gadfly                                                               Jewel Beetle

The Best People…


The Artist                                                                                           Love                                                                                                                I Am


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